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Mercredi 11 juin à 19h : Film Bow Barracks Forever par Anjan Dutt

22 juin 2008

Nous étions environ une bonne quarantaine (ce qui n'est pas mal du tout !) pour cette soirée cinéma indien. J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à revoir ce film que j'avais vu l'année dernière à Delhi.

Mais, ma seule et grande tristesse reste que, comme lors des précédentes projections, très peu d'indiens se sont présentés et que la plus grande partie des spectateurs était composé de "non-indiens", des "topiaras" pour la plupart.

Cela dit, quelques rares personnes d'origine indienne étaient présentes dans la salle, j'espère qu'avec le temps, elles diffuseront le mot et inciteront d'autres personnes à venir. Comme dit le proverbe : les petits cours d'eau font les grandes rivières.

Mounir Nassor

(email : mounirnassor@yahoo.co.in / blog : www.myindias.blogspot.com)

Dear friends, chèr(e)s ami(e)s,

Do not miss the screening of the movie Bow Barracks Forever by Anjan Dutt on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 7 PM in Paris (see below for address, reviews and summaries of the movie).

Si vous êtes à Paris ou de passage à Paris, ce mercredi 11 juin à 19h, ne manquez surtout pas de voir le film de Anjan Dutt intitulé Bow Barracks Forever au Reid Hall à Paris (voir description et adresse ci-dessous).

Un débat et une discussion auront lieu après la projection de ce film autour d'un verre vers 21h30 - 22h.

Le nombre de places pour ce film étant limité, veuillez très rapidement vous inscrire en indiquant simplement votre nom à : afui@msh-paris.fr

J'espère vous y voir très nombreux !

Date :

Mercredi 14 mai 2008 de 19h à 22h

Adresse :

Reid Hall
4 rue de Chevreuse
75006 Paris

métro : Vavin
Tel :

Frais de participation: membres de l’AFUI, étudiants: 5€, non membres, 8€, règlement sur place (inscription préalable obligatoire)

Merci aussi de relayer cette information autour de vous!

Bien à vous tous,

Mounir Nassor

(email : mounirnassor@yahoo.co.in / blog : www.myindias.blogspot.com)


A review by Rajeev Masand - CNN-IBN (July 27, 2007)



A review by Rana Siddiqui (The Hindu - Metro Plus Bangalore : June 16, 2007)

Lillette Dubey speaks about her forthcoming film Bow Barracks Forever



A review by Shoma Chatterjee (www.upperstall.com)

«...a tale of heartbreaking loneliness and immense human courage » (Anjan Dutt, film-maker of Bow Barracks Forever)


bow barracks forever

Bow Barracks Forever is a Pritish Nandy Communications presentation directed by Kolkata’s multi-talented filmmaker Anjan Dutt whose directorial debut Bada Din (1998), also explored the small but exclusive world of Anglo-Indians in the city. "The ultimate story of the triumph of the human spirit," goes the bottomline of the marketing hype for the film. "It is a small world I did not know existed but one that I chanced upon purely by accident. Bow Barracks is a dilapidated old mansion in one small pocket of Kolkata close to Bow Bazaar Street. It houses Anglo-Indians each offering a miniscule world of his own, fiercely guarding the building with the strange passion that defines the survivor," says Dutt.

The film essays the real life story of a tiny but resolute Anglo-Indian community right in the heart of a bustling North Kolkata, desperately trying to keep alive its hopes, dreams, aspirations and its identity. As the world around them changes swiftly and tries to impose that change on them and on their lives, they remain standing, their heads bloody perhaps, but unbowed. "It is a tale of heartbreaking loneliness and immense human courage," adds Dutt.

"I was invited by the residents of Bow Barracks to screen my first feature film Bada Din for a fund-raiser for repairs and restoration of the building. I felt sucked into this unique Anglo-Indian world in the heart of a predominantly Hindu North Kolkata. It was like stepping into Goa in Kolkata. The fragrance of Bibinca, home-made wine, the voice of Cliff Richards thrown up by a battered record player, the dancing and hockey matches on the street, foul-mouthed people who can foul-mouth you and love you with equal passion," explains Dutt while elaborating his motivation for making this film.

Peter the Cheater plays wonderfully on the trumpet. But that is not his vocation. He is a con artist par excellence and is not apologetic about his vocation at all. Victor Banerjee who portrays this role, actually learnt to play the trumpet for this film and at the end of the shoot, Dutt made a gift of the trumpet to him. Lilette Dubey plays Emily Lobo, an excellent brewer of wines whose only commitment in life is to visit the local phone booth to receive and make calls from and to her son in faraway London. But to go to London to join him, she never will. Lilette’s daughter Neha Dubey is Anne, a bold girl who takes in all the battering she can from her alcoholic husband and falls in love with another man, but does not compromise on her right to stay on at Bow Barracks. Tom (Sabyasachi Chakravarty) is a smuggler who messes up his profession, his marriage and his life but has no intention to leave his life’s abode. Waiting for her husband to come back is Rita’s (Rupa Ganguly) only focus. She knows that her errant husband may not come back for her sake but that he will surely come back for their daughter. So, that gives her a justifiable excuse to stick on with all her life and courage to Bow Barracks. Rosa (Moon Moon Sen) was torn between two men and walked out one day, never to return to her roots. But come back she did and this time, for good. Her life is a tale of repentance. Sally (Sohini Pal) is a young girl madly in love with a young boy she is certain will never love her back because he is in love with someone else. Is he really? Or, can’t she see the wood for the trees? She knows she probably does not have a chance for true love that is a two-way process but she is not one to give up. On the other hand of the youngster brigade is Bradley (Clayton Rodgers) whose dream is to create a distinctive band with his unique brand of music and song. He hates his state of being, including his work and his family and all he wants is out, not by leaving Bow Barracks but by building up fences that would bar the entry of all those he has learnt to hate. Does that include him too?

Clayton Rodgers and Sohini Pal made their debut in this film that has produced its own band within the film called the Bow Barracks Band with music written and composed by Neel Dutta and lyrics written by Neel and his father Anjan who has also written the story of Bow Barracks Forever. Audiography is by Anup Mukherjee, production design is by Tanmoy Chakrabarty and Arghyakamal Mitra has edited the film while Indraneel Mukherjee is the DOP. "We, as a production house, believe that filmmakers like Anjan Dutt not only challenge us to look at life differently but also tell us parables about brave, lonely people who fight their destiny and in the process, redefine the landscape of Indian cinema," says producer Pritish Nandy.

Though its Indian release has been delayed for nearly two years, Bow Barracks Forever has travelled far and wide to international film festivals. Some of these are – Cinemanila International Film Festival Phillipines, Festival of Indian Films in Delhi, The International Film Festival in Mumbai, 35th International Film Festival of India in Goa, Angloscapes Film Festival at Chennai, 18th International Film Festival in Singapore, Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival, Filmfest Munchen and Festroia International Film Festival of Setubal in Portugal.

"It is not easy to fight back the march of progress. Progress brings along with it change that could often be painful because it interferes with continuity and destroys tradition and history. It destroys the power and passion of communities that have lived and grown together over decades. I strongly believe that Bow Barracks, if pulled down, will be a loss to Kolkata’s cosmopolitan spirit," sums up Dutt.


Voici le message de Josiane RacineAssociation France-Union Indienne (AFUI)

Association France-Union indienne
54 boulevard Raspail

75006 Paris

site internet : www.afui.net

Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur,

L'Association France - Union Indienne

ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la dernière projection du Ciné Club de l'AFUI, avant les vacances d'été

Nadine Tabouriech,
co-directrice de Chalachitra-Europe, spécialiste du cinéma indien,

présentera le film :

Bow Barracks For Ever de Anjan Dutt

le mercredi 11 Juin à 19H

Frais de participation: membres de l’AFUI, étudiants: 5€, non membres, 8€, règlement sur place (inscription préalable obligatoire),

Les places étant limitées, merci de bien vouloir vous inscrire, le plus rapidement possible à afui@msh-paris.fr

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous la fiche signalétique du film

Très cordialement

Josiane Racine


BOW BARRACKS FOR EVER Anglais / 35mm / Couleurs /

Réalisation: Anjan Dutt
Production: Cinemawalia
Scénario: Anjan Dutt
Image: Indranil Mukherjee
Montage: Arghyakamal Mitra
Son: Anup Mukherjee
Décors: Tanmoy Chakravarty
Musique: Neel Dutt
Casting: Lillette Dubey, Victor Bannerjee, Neha Dubey, Clayton Rodgers


Emily, la cinquantaine, est une femme d’origine anglo-indienne. Elle subvient à ses besoins en brassant de la bière, une spécialité de Calcutta. Son seul rêve est que Kenneth son fils aîné installé à Londres lui téléphone enfin! Emily déteste Calcutta et ne cesse de harceler son plus jeune fils Bradley pour qu’il parte lui aussi à Londres. Une communauté de personnages aussi originaux et captivants les uns que les autres s’agite autour d’Emily et de Bradley ajoutant encore à leur histoire passionnelle : «Peter le tricheur», alcoolique qui gagne sa vie grâce aux tricheries qu’il perpétue dans le voisinage, Le sauvage et mystérieux Tom, sans cesse impliqué dans les affaires les plus obscures, sa femme Anne amoureuse de Bradley, Melvil le «prof» et Rosa sa femme toujours outrageusement séduisante…

Des êtres qui, malgré leurs fragilités et leurs échecs, trouvent encore le courage de lutter ensemble pour préserver leur immeuble en ruine des spéculations d’un agent immobilier qui ne songe qu’à le démolir. Bow Barracks c’est un certain esprit d’immortalité qui règne dans la vieille ville de Calcutta.

Note sur le réalisateur:

Anjan Dutt a été révélé à l’écran comme acteur par le réalisateur Mrinal Sen. Il pousuivi sa carrière d’acteur dans les films de Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Aparna Sen, Gautam Ghosh et Nicolas Klotz. Il a également travaillé avec le «Theatremanufactur» de Berlin en 1984. Il est l’auteur d’un premier long-métrage: « Bada Din» (1996). Mais Dutt est aussi chanteur et parolier et se produit en concert à travers l’Inde. «Bow Barracks» est son deuxième long-métrage.

Le programme du Ciné Club a été établi par Josiane Racine et Nadine Tabouriech et a pu être réalisé grâce au soutien de Reid Hall

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