Sunday, November 12, 2006

Muammad Yunus : Prix Nobel de la Paix 2006

  • CNN Interview - Talk Asia program with Anjali Rao (November 07, 2007)
  • The Interview - BBC World Service (April 14, 2007)

  • September 2005 : an exceptionnal video-conference by Professor Muhammad Yunus at MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology)

  • May 2004 : another exeptionnal online video-conference by Professor Muhammad Yunus at Stanford University.

  • Video documentaries with interviews of Muhammad Yunus :

  • An online video by Grameen Foundation USA

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Unknown said...

Dear Mounir,

I am greatly privileged to have known you. I of course have no objections and consider it an honour bestowed upon me. I do not know to read french, but shall watch out for your english post. The one on Mohammed Yunus, was a real eye opener.

With Best Regards,