Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 / Les Jeux Olympiques de Pékin 2008

[Some of my readers and friends were confused about my posting this information on China and its human rights record on the occasion of the Beijing 2008 Olympics in a blog mostly related to South Asia. I would say that for several years, China (and its "shining" economy) has been portrayed as a "counter example" of what South Asia (India particularly) has not been able to achieve. I think that the main reason lies in the fact that in a dictatorship and a brutal regime like the one in China, you can achieve much faster and much "efficiently" whatever the leaders decide than in an open, decentralized and democratic regime whatever flawed and corrupt it can be like in the case of India. Some would argue that freedom in India with vast numbers of people going hungry every day, without proper medical care and adequate schools and teachers is worthless. On the Chinese side, many would argue that a booming economy and better standards of life are useless if people are constantly under surveillance, regularly brainwashed and manipulated by their leaders. Who is right ? Who is wrong ? It is for the readers of this blog to decide...- Mounir]

Amnesty Calls for Improving Human Rights in China

Sources : this video was broadcast on You Tube by New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV)

China's Silenced Voices Amnesty International

Sources : Amnesty Canada (

Aerial art petition to the Chinese authorities

Sources : Amnesty International (

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