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BEIJING GAMES 2008 - Reporters Without Borders / Reporters Sans Frontières

[Some of my readers and friends were confused about my posting this information on China and its human rights record on the occasion of the Beijing 2008 Olympics in a blog mostly related to South Asia. I would say that for several years, China (and its "shining" economy) has been portrayed as a "counter example" of what South Asia (India particularly) has not been able to achieve. I think that the main reason lies in the fact that in a dictatorship and a brutal regime like the one in China, you can achieve much faster and much "efficiently" whatever the leaders decide than in an open, decentralized and democratic regime whatever flawed and corrupt it can be like in the case of India. Some would argue that freedom in India with vast numbers of people going hungry every day, without proper medical care and adequate schools and teachers is worthless. On the Chinese side, many would argue that a booming economy and better standards of life are useless if people are constantly under surveillance, regularly brainwashed and manipulated by their leaders. Who is right ? Who is wrong ? It is for the readers of this blog to decide...- Mounir]

Reporters Without Borders / Reporters Sans Frontières


Come and demonstrate outside Chinese embassies and online on 8 August.

Reporters Without Borders is calling for demonstrations outside China's embassies in London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Washington and Stockholm on 8 August, when the Olympic Games opening ceremony will be taking place in Beijing. Two demonstrations will be organised on 7 August in Rome and Ottawa. A rally is also planned outside the Olympic Museum in the Swiss city of Lausanne.

In Paris, those wanting to take part should meet at 1 p.m. at the corner of Avenue George V and Rue de la Trémoille in Paris' 8th district. Reporters Without Borders will distribute "Beijing 2008" T-shirts to participants, as well other material for a peaceful demonstration.

Here are the times and venues of the demonstrations in the other cities:
- Berlin: in front of the Chinese embassy (Jannowitzbrücke) from 1 p.m. onwards on 8 August.
- Washington: near the Chinese embassy (2300 Connecticut Ave) from 8 a.m. onwards on 8 August.
- Stockholm: outside the Chinese embassy (Lidovägen 8) at 1 p.m. on 8 August.
- Lausanne: outside the Olympic Museum (Quai d'Ouchy 1) from 5 p.m. onwards on 8 August.
- Rome: outside the 4th district town hall at noon on 7 August.
- Ottawa: outside the Chinese embassy (515 St. Patrick Street) from noon onwards on 7 August.
- London: outside the Chinese embassy (49-51 Portland Place) from 1 p.m. onwards on 8 August.
- Madrid: outside the Chinese embassy (Calle Arturo Soria, 113) from 1 p.m. onwards on 8 August.
The aim of these demonstrations is to call for the release of Chinese journalists and human rights activists who have been imprisoned, and for an end to the harassment of those who been placed under surveillance or forced to leave Beijing. The Chinese government has not kept the promises to improve respect for human rights that it made in 2001, when Beijing was chosen to host the 2008 Olympics.

Reporters Without Borders is also organising a cyber-demonstration on 8 August at this web address: Internet users all over the world will be able to come and protest outside a virtual version of Beijing's Olympic Stadium, waving a placard with the slogan of their choice.


Venez manifester le 8 août devant les ambassades de Chine et sur Internet.

Reporters sans frontières appelle à manifester devant les ambassades de la Chine populaire à Londres, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Washington et Stockholm le 8 août 2008, jour de la cérémonie d’ouverture des Jeux olympiques de Pékin. La veille, deux manifestations sont prévues à Rome et Ottawa. Enfin, un rassemblement est prévu devant le musée olympique à Lausanne, le 8 août.

Une cybermanifestation devant le stade olympique de Pékin est également prévue sur le site de Reporters sans frontières.

A Paris, rendez-vous à 13 heures, le 8 août, à l’angle de l’avenue George V et de la rue de la Trémoille dans le 8e arrondissement de Paris. Des membres de l’organisation distribueront aux participants des tee-shirts de la campagne "Pékin 2008" et du matériel pour manifester pacifiquement.

Reporters sans frontières organise plusieurs autres rassemblements dans le monde :
- A Berlin, en face de l’ambassade de Chine (Jannowitzbrücke) à partir de 13 heures, le 8 août.
- A Washington, près de l’ambassade de Chine (2300 Connecticut Ave. Washington) à partir de 8 heures, le 8 août.
- A Stockholm, en face de l’ambassade de Chine (Lidovägen 8) à 13 heures, le 8 août.
- A Lausanne, devant le Musée olympique (quai d’Ouchy 1), à partir de 17 heures, le 8 août.
- A Rome, devant la mairie du 4e arrondissement à midi, le 7 août.
- A Ottawa, devant l’ambassade de Chine (515 St. Patrick Street), à partir de midi, le 7 août.
- A Londres, devant l’ambassade de Chine (49-51 Portland Place), à partir de 13 heures, le 8 août.
- A Madrid, devant l’ambassade de Chine (C/Arturo Soria, 113), à partir de 13 heures, le 8 août.

Ces manifestations ont pour but de demander la libération des journalistes et des défenseurs des droits de l’homme chinois détenus, harcelés ou contraints de quitter Pékin. Les autorités de Pékin n’ont pas respecté les promesses qu’elles avaient faites en 2001, concernant la liberté d’expression, lorsque la ville avait été choisie pour organiser les olympiades de 2008.

Reporters sans frontières organise le même jour une cybermanifestation sur le site Les internautes du monde entier pourront manifester virtuellement devant le stade olympique de Pékin avec le slogan de leur choix.

SOURCES : Reporters Sans Frontières : WWW.RSF.ORG

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