Saturday, January 20, 2007

When will our leaders listen to our real needs ?

This cartoon was published in June 2004 in The Milli Gazette, an "Indian Muslims' Leading English Newspaper" as they describe themselves.

This cartoon speaks volume about the huge gap between our leaders' so-called "religious" (and political) agenda and people's real needs.

This is an illustration of one on the main reasons why,
before casting the stone on someone else, we should first blame ourselves (because we are the ones who voted for these hypocrital and selfish "leaders").

This cartoon also speaks volume about the hypocritical and cynical behaviour of most of our leaders, be it in Paris, London, New York, Tananarive, Mumbai or Karachi, etc.

Hopefully there are some very few exceptions, a reality which is obviously...most unfortunate.


Cartoonist : Yusuf

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